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Review: Swiitch Beauty- Slays For Days Eyeshadow Palette

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

I had been patiently awaiting to get this beaut in the mail and when it eventually came I couldn't hold myself back from trying it right then and there.

This palette is called Slays For Days by proudly South African company Swiitchbeauty for only R 350!

I must say, the quality of these shadows are top notch. Easy to blend with a buttery, smooth feel that lasts all day! The pigmentation is extreme to the max meaning less work for you when applying shadow to the lid, it sticks down so easily. Not only can you use it as it purpose that is eye shadow, but it can also be used as blush, bronzer, contour and most importantly, an amazingly pigmented, glowy highlighter. For R 350 this is basically a steal. The warm colors in the palette are beautiful and will definitely become a staple in my makeup kit.

I cannot wait to start using this palette for my brides and matric dance girls. Keep an eye out on my instagram @itsbeautybyshana for more looks using this palette.

I'll hopefully soon be doing a YouTube Video on how you can use this palette for different uses in the mentions above. Nevermind..... I did a YouTube video on our channel "It's Beauty by Shana" and yes, it's me from the future! Check it out here:

SIDE NOTE: I wrote this blog a few years ago and I can definitely say this palette is a brides delight. I literally use it on almost all of my brides. I use it in photo shoots and I use it on myself! Its lasted quite a while but I need a new one soon!

Have you tried these shadows? If so, what do you think?

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