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Mix Your Own Lipstick Colours with Swiitch Beauty!

Updated: Aug 29, 2020

I don't know about you, but having 50 different colour lipsticks in my drawer is not a vibe. I'd rather have 1 lipstick palette so I can mix my own shades! That's why I'm so excited to have found this amazing versatile palette that is also proudly South African.

I finally found an amazing and affordable (R 299) product that is so versatile. Not only can you mix lipstick shades but you can also mix contour and highlight shades, make your own cream blush and even foundation. I decided to play around with the Swiitch Beauty Holy Grail Flash Case to bring you these amazing versatile colors!👌

I must say this palette has really come in handy as a makeup artist at shoots when a photographer wants a specific colour. Oh yes, also use it as a face paint palette for cute designs, just remember to set with powder and a good setting spray for it to last as it is a cream product.

These are some of the beautiful colours I mixed:

For a longer lasting effect make sure to set it with powder.

(Take note you can use more or less of 1 of the colours to push the colour to the shade you prefer. Also, when using black specifically, use tiny amounts at a time because it can be a prominent shade.)

Nude = Green + Peach Light Pink = Pink + Peach + White

Purple = Turquoise + Pink

Bright Red = Red + Yellow

Bright Blue = Blue + Turquoise + Silver

Dark Burgundy = Brown + Red + Black + Blue

This palette can be bought online at Swiitch Beauty.

I hope you loved these lipstick shades. Let me know which colour is your favorite! What do you think of the Holy Grail Flash Case from Swiitchbeauty?

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