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Mask Proof Your Makeup

For all the makeup lovers out there who just cant see themselves not wearing makeup under that mask. This is for you!

Tips for wearing makeup under your mask

  1. Make sure not to skip your cleanser and moisturizer, give your skin the hydration that it needs before putting on makeup. Remember, wearing a mask is like wearing a sauna on your face. It is a breeding ground for bacteria and can make your skin dry too. So caring for your skin is extremely important in these mask wearing times.

  2. No matter what foundation you use, apply a translucent setting powder over your skin, specifically where your mask will be covering. This will help to limit foundation transfer onto your mask and help with the longevity of the foundation. You can even add a good long lasting setting spray over your makeup to give it that extra long lasting effect.

  3. If you want to wear lipstick, opt for long wearing matte lipstick that won't transfer onto your mask. And, if you're at all like me and matte lipsticks cause your lips to be extremely dry, give it a skip and just use a lip moisturizer. I promise your lips will thank you at the end of the day!

  4. Does your blush look completely faded at the end of the day? Why not try one of your long lasting matte lipsticks on your cheeks? Just add a dab to your cheeks and use it like a cream blush.

  5. It's a hot day and you're sweating.. what do you do now? Nope, put that powder down, we really don't want to keep layering powder over your skin the entire day. Instead, use blotting paper to dab the sweat off of your face.

  6. Focus on your eyes. If ever there was a time to go crazy with lashes and your brows, it is now! Smokey eyes, bushy beach brows, winged liner.... There's just so much to choose from!

  7. If you can, use mostly waterproof formulas, especially for those long days. This will keep your makeup budge proof. Just remember to use a good, preferably oil based makeup remover to take your makeup off.

Lastly, remember not wearing makeup under your mask is the best for your skin. If you can help it, then give it a skip and work around your mask, no ones going to see....

I really hope these tips are going to help you stay and feel fresh under your mask. Do you have any tips and tricks on wearing makeup under your mask? What has worked for you?

It's Beauty by Shana