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How to use a Beauty Blender (wet or dry)

A beauty blender can be used in 2 different ways and give the most beautiful finishes to your makeup application. There are many different shapes and sizes with many different brands. In my experience they are all lovely to work with and I really can't tell a difference between the expensive version and the cheaper version.

Use it wet:

Put your blender under water until soaked, then squeeze the excess water out of it. When applying foundation or any cream product bounce/ pat and/ or roll the beauty blender over the area to create a skin like texture.

The only reason you would wipe a blender on your skin is to take off excess product. The beauty blender can also be a great makeup eraser. I love using it this way to clean up the eye shadow I have messed under my eye or even to take away blush that I applied too prominent.

Use it dry:

I absolutely love using the blender dry to apply powder products. Apply a light powder for baking and press a darker powder down for your contour. This is only for applying your shadows, not for blending. After you have left the powder on for around 3-5 minutes then you can use a blending brush to wipe excess powder away.

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