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How to prep for a spray tan

The thought of having a beautiful golden glow often leads to excitement, that is, if you take the right steps. Here are a few steps you should follow before you go to the salon and get a spray tan.

1. DON'T shower right before the session, your pores open up leaving blotchy dark spots, when the pores revert to their original size you end up with visible tanning spots.

2. DO exfoliate the day before to get rid of all your dead skin cells. This will create a smooth canvas for your spray tan.

3. DO shave the day before. Shaving after your spray tan will start stripping away the color.

4. DON'T wear underarm deodorant, it can act as a barrier and leave your underarms looking blotchy.

5. DO moisturize, giving you that extra glow as well as keeping that seal locked in a bit longer.

Going to a professional tan salon as well as following these steps will equal in ultimate satisfaction of your total body summer bronze glow.

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It's Beauty by Shana